Sunday, May 31, 2009

Where the skies are so blue...

We made it home from our 4,000 mile trek to Alabama and back! If you ask Noah about the trip he will probably say "Remember the moth?" (some, forgettable to most, moth he saw the 1st day there) or "Lady says NO smoking on the plane" (referring to the woman on our plane who was arrested and slapped with a $10,000 fine for smoking in the airplane bathroom/tampering with smoke detectors) But if you were to ask me, here are some of my favorite moments...
Noah's 1st "real" haircut and reward for said cut.
Giant bugs w/ my little brother.
The Drive-Thru Zoo. Emus, Bison, Deer, Gators, Tortoises,
Llamas, Rams that loved to rub against my dad's car with
giant horns, Monkeys, Zebras and more!! Slightly freaky, very fun.
Oh how I miss my little sis : (
Loads of this...Anyone else have a kid that gets completely out of his
seatbelt? If so, what do you do!?
Aunt Kat / My mom
Uncle Andy, my big bro, jordy, MJ and Dad!
This was the 1st time my family got to meet Maggie so it
was a really special trip. Thanks mom and dad for bringing me home!!


Kelli Ward said...

this makes me miss home. hopefully someday we will actually be home at the same time. it would be great to see you. ive never even met noah.

Heidi Roylance said...

Great photos. I know how great it is to visit family. Yes, Emily was one to get out of her carseat too. I remember one time I was headed home from AZ, and Tye wasn't with me. I told my parents how Emily can get out of her seatbelt, and so my dad put a strip of duct tape across the latch! It actually worked.

Jenny said...

what a good lookin family!!! gosh i just HATE that I missed ya'll. Glad you had a great trip! Mom said the babies were so adorable!

Tringali Family said...

How fun! Did you drive there? How is residency life treating you guys?

Auna Leigh said...

seatblets are a toughy... but i say let him learn the hard way. Hit the brakes and after skids for a mile down the interstate I'll think he'll get the point. ;)

Holly said...

Looks like you guys had a great time in Bama! Wish we were there at the same time. Maggie is darling! I bet everyone loved seeing her.