Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Where the Wild Things Are

15 miles from our house is a different
world. A world of pigs, llamas, deer,
African Crown Cranes, fishing and "Mile
High Apple Pies."

Hopefully, these oh so amazing pictures
and description of nearby gem, Oak Glen,
make you want to come visit us.

Come on! Noah will make you some
OJ from our very own oranges.

PLEASE come. I'm bored. Bored
enough to juice...bored enough to blog.


The Wynn Family said...

OH NO! We know you must be bored when you have blogged more than twice in one month ! j/k :) I have to say seeing that you have your own homemade orange juice does make me want to move to Cali...

Christina said...

I wanna come see you!!!! I miss you and I could use some fresh sqeezed OJ from a handsome little cuss!!