Sunday, July 13, 2008

Don't Cha Wish Your Boyfriend Was Rich Like Mine

Oh yeah! Doc T's 1st paycheck,
and we are 270 bucks richer.
Just look how excited he looks!!
Cross your fingers it covers our
water bill.


The Wynn Family said...

WHAT?!?! You don't make millions as a resident, I cant believe it :)

Russ & Sherri said...

So exciting .... I so wish my boyfriend was rich like yours. Haha! I've love reading your blog Meg!! I miss you guys! Your new place looks awesome and Noah is getting so big!! I absolutely love his hair!!

Christina said...

Dontcha....Dontcha baby dontcha...LOL!!! Thanks for gettin' that stupid song in my head! Jordy looks like he can barely contain the enthusiasm!! LOL!! That's a whole-lotta-cash you got there! Don't spend it all in one place! ;)
Love yo guts!

Meghan said...

There's the proof! Education really does pay off! :)
Aaron's first check was pretty nice too.

Clint, Natalie, and Lucas said...

Hey, isn't Jordan a doctor??? I thought doctors were rollin' in the dough!!! Wait...Clint hasn't even gotten paid yet!

Great pic!!