Friday, January 22, 2010

Birthday and a Blackout

Girlfriend turned ONE this week! To celebrate, she is trying our her new-found skills. I thought she was safe in her high chair just eating a cracker so I turned my back to start dinner when all of a sudden Noah started clapping-"Hooray for Maggie!!!" There she was, kneeling in the middle of the table bouncing to Noah's praises-FREAK! She must have squirmed out of her highchair, onto the tray, and crossed the chasm between her highchair and the kitchen table in less than a minute. She may turn out to be more like her brother than we previously thought (sigh and hooray).

Before the birthday festivities, we were out of power for 24+ hours b/c of the storms. As I was reading from my John Adams book, the lack of electricity almost made me feel like I too was in the 18th century...that and our duraflame logs, diet coke, crank flashlights and fleece jackets ; )

It got pretty cold in our poorly insulated house and I even took the kids out to the car a few times to warm up with the heater. It snowed in some parts of southern California today. Glad to have the lights back on. Feeling fancy.


c-natalie-l-k said...

Oh, I love the Maggie story!!!! Kate's been up to the same kind of mischief!! Your kiddos are adorable.

hammondfam said...

meg - she's ONE?!? Already?!? My, my - time flies!! The kids are precious!! Love hearing about them!