Wednesday, September 10, 2008

High and Dry

Our friend Drew flew in for the weekend and the guys went to Radiohead in LA. I was the official babysitter of the one who shares a name with son of Thom, so I was left high and dry. I guess I'll forgive him. On the way to the show they stopped by a certain mural on Sunset Blvd.

The same on Elliot Smith's Figure 8 album. It has become a tribute to him since his death.

Hollywood Bowl

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


As we were reading Bob's Bedtime (as in Bob the Builder) the other night, Noah started shouting HAT! HAT! HAT! (which to me sounded more like HOT) and began running around the house like a maniac. Too tired to follow, I just sat there letting him do his thing. All of a sudden he returned with two hats, and I finally understood his excitement. The ever safe Bob was wearing his hard hat in the book and N thought we should be doing the same. Check out how redneck
we are--me sporting the camo and bubs in John Deere. Thatta boy.

In other storytime news... we had to retire the classic "If You Give A Mouse a Cookie" because Noah was just getting too emotional abt it. Check out this mouse's down-turned squinty eyes. To Noah, this looks like the mouse is crying. So the whole time I'm trying to make it thru this book he just pets the mouse saying "cry, cry." I told him the mouse is OK and actually stoked to be eating cookies and milk but I don't think he's buying it.